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This is the UK's biggest and best phone chat service. As well as having tons of different live phone sex numbers for you to call (at very reasonable prices!), we have also set up the largest local phone chat and date network.

How does that work?

Glad you asked! Basically, you call a low-rate (only 10p per minute!) phone number, assigned to your local area. You are then put straight through to our instant IVR, and you can chat live to other people using the service.

You record a very short intro about yourself when first joining the network, and then you can listen to other people's intros to decide who to chat to.

Since all the people using it are in your area, and feeling horny, this is in fact the best and cheapest phone sex service in the UK!

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This is the UK's newest and bestest phone sex chat site. We have tons of hot girls waiting to take your calls. They have all been thoroughly tried and tested by ourselves, and we can confirm that they are all sexy, and very dirty minded!

We also have a huge number of chat lines you can call. < < There it is, in a nicely ordered list to the left! Have a browse around and call a few.

As well as all that, you can now text our sexy girls as well as phone them. At the bottom of each page you will find a special code word. Simply text that word to 89198 and we will get you exchanging dirty texts and photos in no time. Why would you do that? Well, cos sometimes it just isn't right to be having loud phone sex, and a subtle yet naughty text will do the trick better. For example, when on the train, or visiting your mum, or in a meeting.... you get the drift! Give it a go now.

Text the word BIZARRE to 89198 now to try our fetish text chat service. Texts received cost £1.50 - see our terms for details.


We have loads of sexy girls into all kinds of fetishes just waiting for your call.
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